Map Your Heart

Breaking your own mold (mould!) requires just a desire to begin with, a burning desire to begin feeling like the ‘you’ you’ve always wanted to be.

Sometimes the mold is a long-practiced habit that does not serve you anymore—such as being shy, afraid of flying or fear of intimacy. Sometimes it almost has a life of its own as can happen with illnesses, trauma, weight or smoking. Whatever the mold (mould!) is, it can break apart, leaving a fresh and new surface to create a new neural pathway.

How, you might wonder. “How” is indeed the answer! It is through using your own imagination to create your new vision, then systematically applying that vision.

Your mind cannot distinguish imagined versus reality, as evidenced most profoundly by a group of Cambodian refugees from Khmer Rouge: 150 women who witnessed such severe atrocities that they were psychologically blind afterward.  Now, relocated to a new life in Long Beach, CA, far removed from their past , it has been documented that when they continue to replay and relive the traumatic memories in their minds, their vision worsens—even to the point of blindness (

This is a tragic extreme to illustrate how our own internal neural highways may need some repaving, rerouting if we can see that they are not taking us where we want to go or leading us straight to a dead end, over and over again.

Start this repaving on a micro-scale by creating your own ‘Heart Map.’ This is a technique created by a writing teacher to encourage students to write about more complex topics. Take a look at this link and begin creating your own heart map today, to help you determine the burning desires you have within that need to be explored!



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