pain face

Pain is subjective. Period. My ache, your burn, her pounding head or his wrecked back cannot be easily translated from one person to the next. The instigator behind all of our individual experiences of pain are the same, however—the brain.

The brain is the processor of pain, all pain.

The body is full inside and out of receptor cells that monitor differences in information. These specialized receptor cells then transmit information to the brain while performing a million or so other processes at lightning speed. End result– the brain slaps a label on the information: pain, fear, familiar, foreign, happy, sad, etc.

Pain has unlimited causes and at a very basic level, one ‘cure.’ Most pain medications are centrally acting, meaning targeting the brain and what’s called the ‘pain pathway’ or interpretation center. From narcotic analgesics (Percocet, Vicodin) to opioid analgesics (codeine, Ultram) to NSAIDs (ibuprofen, Celebrex) the pain relief mechanism is the same: the brain receives information, medication in this case, and then interprets or blocks the pain message.

Hypnosis works on this pain processing center, too. Without negative side-effects. Without a prescription.

Hypnosis teaches the re-labelling of information provided by receptor cells to the brain. Instead of feeling searing chronic pain and taking a pill, it is possible to train the mind to create a new pain-free, drug-free pathway that leads to true relief.

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