Better than Botox?

sand play

Better than Botox! Yes, it’s true, it’s something more rejuvenating, youth-stimulating, and better at de-aging than Botox ever could hope to be. Plus, it’s free. This is not a gimmick, nor is it a cream or supplement. It is simply the act of playing. As an adult, engaging in light-hearted, spontaneous activity for the sheer purpose of *NO REASON AT ALL* is the very something that is the key to overhauling your dated cells, sluggish thoughts and any feelings of getting old.

Just by playing, you will:

  • release a pleasing cascade of repair-and-rebuild hormones
  • flood the body with feel-good neurotransmitters
  • strengthen your immune system
  • allow for vessels to dilate making your skin glow and eyes sparkle
  • experience a heightened alertness

So, how do I play as an adult, you might be wondering?

Find a ball, balloon, jump rope, hula hoop, bottle of bubbles, Lego set, mud, sand, water—these are some tools to assist you…better yet, find any open outdoor space, drop the self-consciousness and go!

(Note: healthy playing by this prescription does not include anything with a screen… switch off–and get outdoors, too, if possible.)