Each session lasts approximately 90 minutes. My fees per session are $90.00 for the initial visit or as agreed upon. Follow up sessions are $60.00. Fee is due at time of service.

Certain issues may require more than 1 session, due to their complicated nature. Under these circumstances, I may suggest a package of 3-6 visits and this is done at a case by case scenario.
3 Session package = $150 (30.00 savings!)
6 Session package = $270 (90.00 savings!)
Since I take each appointment seriously and promise to provide you with the best outcome I can, know that this includes time not spent together in which I am preparing for you. To keep my fees accessible to you, I kindly request at least 24 hours notice by phone for all cancellations or agreement on your part to pay a $50 late-cancellation or no-show fee.
Rescheduling will not incur a late-cancellation fee and is always the best option!